The 5C-Design Model for Software Design

Learn how to create a sustainable Software Architecture!

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I am currently working on an English book and / or a Udemy course on the subject. Stay tuned as I will publish them here.

Maybe you are interested in other things that I have published so far. Most of them are somewhat related to the 5C Design Model.

Date Language Medium Title & Link
February 2017 german JAXenter Design Pattern auf dem Prüfstand: Mehrwert oder Mühsal?
October 2017 german JAVA Magazin 11/2017 Langlebigkeitstherapien für monolithische Legacy-Systeme
April 2018 german OBJEKTspektrum 3/2018 Digitalisierung, SOA und die Softwarekrise
May 2018 english DZone Monoliths, Microservices and Modularity
May 2018 german Hanser books Grundlagen des modularen Softwareentwurfs
September 2018 german embarc blog Über die Vermessung von Software
October 2018 english DZone Visibility Metrics and the Importance of Hiding Things
October 2018 german JAXenter Bullshit Bingo: Wie man hohle Phrasen in der IT erkennt und vermeidet
November 2018 german JavaSPEKTRUM 6/2018 Pest Control – Immerwährende Immunität für Java-Code
February 2019 german Architektur-Spicker Architekturspicker #8: Nachhaltiges Software-Design
March 2019 german Informatik Aktuell Modulith First: Der angemessene Weg zu Microservices
June 2019 german OBJEKTspektrum 4/2019 FURPS-Microservices: Microservices und klassische Architekturarbeit nach Qualitätszielen
April - October 2019 german embarc blog 5C Design Blogserie
March 2020 german Udemy Udemy Training Qualitativ Hochwertiger Code (Lebendiges Software Design 1/3)
July 2020 german Hanser books Modulare Softwarearchitektur
Herbert Dowalil

About me

Hello! My name is Herbert Dowalil, and I am a software developer and architect passionate about writing high qualiy code and desigining sustainable architectures. That is the reason why I invented the 5C Design Model in 2019.